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Does A Muffin Have Buddha Nature?

A Zen practitioner asked her teacher, “does a muffin have Buddha nature?”  Without hesitation the teacher replied “Only if they are from the original Zen Bakery, now available in over 25 locations.” The student shook her head picked up her mat and walked out to the highway with her thumb held high, not a traceContinue Reading

Discipline Myth Crashes & Breaks?

This morning I found a post talking about the Myth of Discipline. Hmmmm I said to myself, could it be that it really is a myth? As I read the article It seems like the author was doing more then a little reaching in his thinking or maybe he is just interested in selling hisContinue Reading

Kobun Chino Barks on iPad, From the Dead?

Kobun Chino is barking out from the either to sell an app on iPad -  He may be dead but it appears he is lending his Zen to a meditation app for the iPad. I’m pretty sure Buddha would have a couple of apps on the iPad if he was around for this technology festivalContinue Reading

Off The Floor With Urban Zen

Off The Floor With Urban Zen

I fell over a chair yesterday landing with a thud, my face smushed on a bare hardwood floor, looking up from my prone position I saw my laptop had found its way to a new website with a big name. The site’s glossy black and white home page proclaimed in a stark font, Urban Zen.Continue Reading

Simple To-Do List Apps

I recently came across two applications that make keeping a To-Do list much easier than slicing a tomato. First is an app built for the iPhone called Paperless. The app creates easy to manage lists for everything you have going in your life. The second app is a bit more robust but still very easyContinue Reading

Morning’s Simple Moment

Growing up I often would stumble out of bed and find my way downstairs to the kitchen to see my mother quietly squeezing orange or grapefruit juice. She squeezed the juice by hand using a simple white opaque juicer that probably cost under two dollars. Sun coming up, birds chirping and a cool breeze waftingContinue Reading